Pastoral Survey

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The FIRST STEP to pastoral and community health is ACCURATE DIAGNOSIS.  By investing just 5 minutes of your time in this survey, you will:


  • Find out what’s REALLY going on in your Church community

  • See clearly how this is impacting your health, relationships and morale

  • Learn how to get the pastoral life you want and the Church community your people need

  • AND… you’ll be contributing to our ability as pastors to work together to create stronger communities, excellent pastoral leaders and spread the Gospel more effectively!

For Pastors

Need more support?

Once you know what’s really going on in your own life and in your Church, YOU become the priority.  It may seem counter-intuitive or even “selfish”, but you MUST take care of yourself before you focus on turning your Church community around.  This is where you’ll learn how to:

  •  Rebuild your physical, emotional and spiritual health to create a strong and SUSTAINABLE pastoral life

  • Defeat the seemingly enormous pressures you’re under and banish overwhelm

  • Protect your spouse and children from the stresses of being a “clergy family”

  • And learn the 3 simple steps for creating the pastoral life you and your family always wanted!

For Parishes

Is your parish stuck?

Now that you’ve “got your life back” – i.e., your health, relationships and morale – it’s time to look at the multiple dysfunctions that are probably plaguing your Church community and how to turn this situation around completely within just a few months.  This is where you’ll learn:

  • How to TAKE CHARGE and set the tone, while still creating more “buy-in” from your people than you’ve ever had before

  • The tough questions about your community that will lead to a shared vision of the future

  • Why you need 100% clarity on your mission, mandate and authorities and how to get that

  • How to finally create visionary leadership ABOVE YOU, at the level of your local Church / denomination

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