Dr. Symeon Rodger

As a married priest of the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Reverend Dr. Symeon Rodger spent twenty-two years assigned to specific parishes and for the past 8 years he has been assisting other pastors as needed.  He has also taught numerous university courses on theology, comparative religion and spiritual life in both English and French at the University of Sherbrooke in Montreal and St. Paul University in Ottawa, Canada.


On the more "edgy" side, he's a martial arts expert, an emergency management expert, he's trained in counter-terrorism by veterans of the US and Israeli special forces and he used to run Top Secret intelligence operations for the Canadian government.


In addition, Dr. Symeon has taught peak performance principles to thousands of people worldwide since 2005, earning a reputation for both integrity and for delivering life-transforming programs, presentations and keynotes. 


All of this has given him a keen appreciation of the overwhelming challenges faced by pastors of all denominations, who have never been properly trained and equipped to deal with the realities of pastoral life in the modern world.  And, like their pastors, entire denominations and churches are suffering from the lack of the one body of skills and approaches they most lack and desperately need – leadership.


Dr. Symeon holds a B.A. (hons) from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, an M.Div from St. Vladimir’s Seminary in Crestwood, New York and a Th.D. from St. Michael’s College at the University of Toronto.  He lives in Ottawa. 

About Strategic Pastoral Leadership

Exhausted and clinically traumatized… that was Fr. Symeon in September of 2009, when he finally walked away from a pastoral assignment that had become completely untenable.  In fact, both pastors in the parish walked away at the same time, after years of being undermined by a man with a private agenda – their boss!


And although their boss, the archbishop, had already been named in an official report for his part in covering up a two million dollar embezzlement by senior church leaders and would later be imprisoned for sexually abusing minors, all that came too late.


Fr. Symeon’s crime?  Refusing to go along with his archbishop in covering up the embezzlement - a cover-up the latter claimed was “for the good of the Church” – and for insisting on leadership with integrity. 


Strategic Pastoral Leadership is the “blessed fruit” of that 4-year long crisis and the ones that had preceded it, as well the fruit of his thirty years of pastoral experience, of teaching theology, spirituality and religion at various universities in both English and French, and of his many conversations with those grappling with the daunting dilemmas of pastoral life in the 21st century. 


With resources, programs and live events open to Christian pastors of all denominations, Strategic Pastoral Leadership is designed to help you, the pastor, create the kind of pastoral life you want and the church that your people desperately need. We’re here to equip you with the sustainable practices that will yield a spiritually vibrant community that speaks even to the needs and aspirations of today’s most challenging audiences, such as youth,  young families and “unchurched” seekers.


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