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The Powerful, Purposeful Pastor Program


Do you feel alone and unsupported?  Do you feel ill-equipped to take back control of your own life – your time, energy, health and relationships?  We know what that’s like and so do lots of others you’ll meet in this monthly membership program.


Every month, Dr. Symeon goes into detail on a couple of key issues in pastoral life using his own wealth of experience, his team’s experience or by interviewing key experts who can help you get where you want to go.  And there’s LOTS of time for personal Q&A!


Format: Monthly Membership ($1.00 trial and cancel at any time)


  • Meet as a group twice per month by webcast or phone

  • Access to all our introductory programs – including tools for diagnosing your own situation and mapping the way forward


Price: Less than you probably spend on coffee every month!

Strategic Pastoral Leadership puts several world-class programs at your disposal.  According to recent surveys within and across denominations, thousands of pastors in North America alone are suffering from one of more of the following issues:


  • Burnout

  • Clinical depression

  • Pressure on spouse and family

  • Lack of emotional support and support networks

  • Unrealistic expectations from the parish

  • Poor physical health

  • Long hours and little free time

  • Personal financial pressures

  • Significant conflict in the parish environment

  • Difficult pastoral cases and decisions

  • Lack of support from church / denomination leadership


The key to resolving the challenges you face, to creating the pastoral life you want and the parish your people really need is to first diagnose the situation accurately and then address it right away… but in the proper sequence and with the proper tools.  And that’s where we come in – our pastoral, theological and leadership experience can supply you with the powerful skills and tools that seminary or bible college did not and help you take back your time, energy, health, enthusiasm and dedication, so that you can help change lives.


A few of our top programs are listed here.  Have a look and then feel free to set up your FREE STRATEGY SESSION.

The Church Resurrection Program


Is your parish STUCK?  Is your entire organization or denomination in need of a thorough overhaul to get back on track?  If you have any of the following symptoms, the answer is definitely “YES!”:


  • Falling attendance

  • Decreasing revenues

  • Not seeing VISIBLE spiritual progress

  • Increasing internal conflict

  • The youth are leaving

  • Not enough young families are coming

  • Low biblical and theological literacy

  • The pastor(s) is / are overwhelmed, stressed or burned out

  • “Doing what we’ve always done” is no longer working


The road to Church recovery, renewed vitality and growth begins with commitment at all leadership levels to face the truth head on, without excuses, evasions or, worse, pious slogans about waiting for God to rescue you.


Using our team’s many decades of combined experience in church life, leadership and analysis, we will:


  1. Accurately diagnose exactly what’s really happening within your church / denomination

  2. Brief you on our findings and present a clear plan of action to help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time

  3. Show you how to alleviate the often crushing pressures of pastoral life

  4. Help you create effective spiritual leadership at all levels

  5. Outline the ongoing changes you’ll have to make to accommodate the growth you’re about to experience


Are you a candidate for this?  Click the link below to book your free consultation.  During our time together, we’ll learn more about your situation and map out some solutions for you. 

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