What is the purpose of the Gospel?  You’d better understand this clearly because it’s also your primary responsibility as a pastor!  Sadly, over the centuries, the real purpose, content and methods that made Christian spiritual life SO successful in the first millennium have been all but forgotten. 


So today, if you ask the average church-goer what the most important thing in spiritual life is, you’ll get all kinds of answers, including prayer, fasting, going to services, tithing, political activism, faith, love, hope, suffering and lots more.  In other words, it’s pretty clear that almost no one seems to know what was so clear to Christians of ages past.


At this 2 ½ day live event, you will learn:


  • The incredible REAL goal of Christian spiritual life

  • Several different types of prayer, including the one that is by far the single most important, along with other types that are useful and even those that are actively harmful

  • Why you must have an accurate “anthropology” – a map of the human being as a whole – and how having the wrong one can ruin your spiritual life… and theirs

  • How Christians “hacked” spiritual life to achieve more rapid results

  • Why ancient Christian spiritual life is a science and has applied the scientific method since the beginning… with stunning results

  • How to turn around your own spiritual life or anyone else’s in a short time – as long as you (or they) will do the work

  • How to implement a new program of spiritual life in your church the moment you return


The one thing we can guarantee is that much of this information will be entirely new to you.  You simply won’t find it around today in most church circles and you’ll never find it so compellingly presented.  This event WILL turn your spiritual life around.


(P.S. The content is entirely from historically verifiable and accepted Christian practice.  This is NOT about the so-called Gnostic Gospels, new age approaches or anything else of dubious provenance.)

Join us for a journey to the core of pastoral spirituality

This extraordinary LIVE EVENT will be held in Ottawa, Canada in October 2017 (exact date and venue will be published soon).

Spiritual Life Summit

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